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"… Now you just sound like some kind of weird pervert. Moron. Not happening." He’ll just stick to whining.

 …”A pervert?… For you? As if. I just wanted to blackmail you into backmouthing your boss and getting in trouble. Get your brain outta the monkey pit.” 

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homuracommander replied to yourpost: ”Tch… It’s getting hot…”
"Then don’t wear that stupid uniform."


"Tch. Unlike a certain idiot I know, I don’t have that option. Unless of course you’d rather I run around in nothing."

 ”On one hand.. Nasty.. on the other.. If you did that.. Then I could get lotsa pictures and blackmail ya. Sounds like a fair trade.” 

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An amused expression crossed Kosuke’s face at the following question. Did his homra brothers presume he shut himself in and never had fun? Seemed to look that way at this point. “Yea I go out to clubs and party, not as popular as Chitose with girls and whatnot but I get around and have fun.” an entertained smile crossed his face as he spoke. “I’ve been known to go out and get hammered every once in awhile and party just like anyone else.”

 ”Y’know, I’m having a hard time picturing that.” but still he couldn’t help but laugh like an idiot. He was trying, but the image was hard to hold onto. He moved forward to take the other’s hand and jerk it towards the door. “Then let’s go to one. Let’s get hammered and go have fun, just you ‘n me.” 

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smoking-fire sent: ((Seri and Neko were off having lesbian sex while all the gays fight //shot |D))

((That.. Makes perfect sense.))

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Kinky Questions, make my muse uncomfortable—go! (1-78)

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 ”…Dammit..” Yata couldn’t help it. “There’s nothing juicy here at all.”

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Now as beautiful as those Missing Kings PV promos are where the fuck are Neko and Seri.

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2: Your last sexual encounter: Good or Bad and why:

 ”it was bad.. because there hasn’t been one. Ya twat.” 

12: Is one orgasm enough? Are multiple orgasms necessary?

 ”Well.. Y’know. If it’s one REALLY good one, then I think that’s fine.. but.. Multiples can’t be bad..”

21: How big is too big:

 ”If you’re more gorilla than human, it’s too big.”

23: Biggest turn on:

 ”… I uh… Tough guys.. I guess.”

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Kinky Questions, make my muse uncomfortable—go! (1-78)


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“No, you don’t drink ‘r anythin’,” Izumo sighed, such a pain,“but you know well ‘nough that you’re responsible for a lot ‘f the stuff that messes up m’ bar.”

Indeed, he could think of countless occasions where Yata’s pure thoughtlessness had caused some problems in the bar HOMRA.

 ”Y’know.. That’s profiling.” Yata complained. You mess up a bar ONE TIME and he never let it go. “‘sides.. I took out the dent.” Not really, but he’d managed to try hard enough to do so. 

"I clean it up and put stuff on the scratches? What more d’you want? Am I meant to kiss the thing?" 

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"I always have to pretend. After all, you work me up like no one ever has before. Every time I see you and kiss you an hold you, it works me up. It’s a wonder I’ve been able to keep so much self control." He replied leaning down and nuzzling his face into his slender neck.

 ”H-hey hey..” Yata whined as the other nuzzled up to him. He wasn’t used to this kind of attention normally, didn’t think he’d ever get used to it.. So it was a shock for sure. “You’re.. Easily excited for a grown man.” 

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